Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy mother's day! ♡♡

I've planned this day wayyyyyyy before because my mother has been bugging me to go somewhere with her.
which is GARDENS BY THE BAY. I'm not exactly an outdoor person so I hate to stay under the sun,
with mosquitoes, heat and all. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WALK LONG DISTANCES LOL especially for the scenery.
So when I go overseas, I'd rather stay in the hotel and sleep while the rest go see the scenery. Haha.

So one day my mother decided to continue bugging me to go GBTB with her and the conversation went like this:
Mom: Lets go laaa, I really want to go.
Me: FOR WHAT!! Go there do what???
Mom: Go there see flower see grass lor *gives sad face*
*continue bugging*

When I couldnt take it and told her I was going to bring her on Mother's Day, she literally
jump for joy and gave me hug and kisses lol. But I let her down, I'm sorry mommy T_T
I planned the schedule wrongly and thus we left home so late we couldnt explore much.
Visited the Cloud Forest and Skyway. To be honest I think there's nothing much to see.
Then we went to Bakerzin to take a rest.

I love you mommy, I hope you enjoyed yourself although it was a rush.
Thank you for always being there for me and pampering me so much. Please stay this way HAHA

17th Birthday.

I turned 17 approximately 2 months ago.
On my birthday itself I had to rush and submit my school assignment.
Thank god I made it on time and still could celebrate a little here and there.
Once again, Thank you everyone who made an effort for my birthday.
Thank you for all of your wishes, presents, everything, I appreciate it alot.
The girl with the same birthday as me, Jasmine, Happy birthday! Ok wtf, thats so long ago.
Super super grateful, I dont know how many times I have to say this.
Especially my classmates who also made an effort even though they only know me for 22 days.
Sigh, I feel super loved. Ok I need to stop this, it's turning into like some star awards ceremony. HAHA

Wife wifey wifeyyyy

Back to the days where my hair is still turquoise-d!

If you have followed me on Instagram, you probably already know I went mad and killed my hair.
Ok, kidding! But my hair is no longer in turquoise colour now though.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


So... My Outfit Of The Day some time back?

The beanie was originally too big for me.
So I itchy hands go cut it wtf. From this.

To this! Rare picture of me smiling with my teeth lol.

Ok, time to sleep.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ugly truth.

Hello, this is going to be a lengthy post.
Dedicated to you, friend. I was quite shocked and disappointed when everything surfaced.
When I found out how you commented on my flaws, I wasn't at all angry. Perhaps because
I know this would happen and I accept it. Just not supportive of you doing behind my back.
If you were a true friend, you could have just told me lol. Instead of repeating it over and over again.

Still, as a friend are you suppose to do so?
I've always felt that no matter what, as a friend, gossiping about one another is a nono.
It will only make us hate on each other.
But someone told me,

"If you dont talk bad about others, others will talk bad about you."

Yes, I dont have nice baby skin.
Without make up, I'm probably like a walking zombie.
Lol, but you've got the guts to say your skin is improving?
Maybe it is, but what a joke, self compliment.

Yes, my make up is thick.
If I don't have nice baby skin, how to not thick??
My face, not yours. I am satisfied with how I do my make up.

Yes, I got fat legs.
How contradicting it is to tell me you like it.

Honestly, I have never insult you behind your back before.
If I were to say I have never gossip about you, that would be a lie.
But it was because you had done something wrong. Never your face.

Saying our friends fat and all, what? You make friends through looks?
Then I'm sorry, I guess we are not good enough for you. Find someone else.
Do you not know how much they have done for you? Defend you when people criticised you.
Oh, you dont care cause nothing is more important than yourself.

Ever reflected on your actions? How you treat them?
If you think I'm doing this because of the recent text, no.
I just feel that I shouldnt turn a blind eye on what's happening anymore.
I usually do, in case you dont know.

I remember once all of us got into trouble, you quickly got out of the situation.
You're not wrong since you werent with us, but I thought you would have just stayed.
Or at least, kept quiet.
You only came back when nothing happen in the end. Lol.

I know you havent been very happy with my O level Chinese results, prelims etc.
Claiming that I'm doing better than you despite not completing my paper.
Speaking so bluntly. Do you still remember you finally won me in paper 2?
You did fairly well and without my consent, look at my marks just to calculate the total.
I was pissed off.

I also hated how irresponsible you are at times. You always take the simple job and leave the bullshit to us.
For example, we do the dish washing and you make the cookies.
Anything happens, you'll push the blame to clear your name.
I put up with all of these.

And then I found out that you were unhappy with the suggestion I made for our birthday chalet.
I choose hotel over chalet because it's the 4 of us celebrating birthday.
Why dont we get the hotel instead, something special, instead of the usual chalet.
More comfy and all, moreover I've seen many people celebrating at hotels and I thought it was not bad. And you said?

Why she want hotel? Also cannot invite many people. Because she want to blog blog blog and become famous.
She want face.

If you so unhappy, tell me why you forbid it and I'll tell you why I prefer it.
Need to say such things behind me? If I wanted instant fame I would have been spamming my blog link all over the internet already. But I have only given those that asked. Oh the irony, you were one of them that ask me to start blogging. So I thought how scary it is that you say so much yet act so close to me the very next day. Someone give you an award please. You totally deserve it.

Post many many photos of you on my blog? So you'll get noticed if my blog ever become well-known? You really do like to make use of people. Like the girl you wanted to provide food for the chalet. I may not be pretty like you, at least I dont have a heart blacker than yours.
Speaking of which, the chalet is an embarrassment.

This is not everything, I know there's more I dont know. But it practically sums everything up.
Also my heartfelt words. Such long post, sorry for being naggy, but this time you've gone too over.
Something you say every time you insult someone.
What goes around comes around. Cheers!

Major pic spam at the beach.